• What We Provide

    Managed network services allows customers to offload all responsibility of operating, maintaining, monitoring, and supporting for all network services on their property. Tahoe Technology Solutions owns, maintains and replaces all equipment on property. Your network will always be operational and you know exactly how much it costs. We have redundant internet connections with internal fail-safes. This means if one provider goes down, you will not lose internet! We monitor all internet connections and every piece of equipment 24×7. Located in Stateline, NV we can quickly respond to all network events. TTS also keeps extra stock of all network components so if something breaks, a replacement is a phone call away!

  • Why You Need Us

    Businesses large and small are increasingly reliant on network services, even outside of normal business hours. Network operations (point of sale, administrative staff networks, software systems, guest internet access, wifi, video surveillance, etc.) are vital and you cannot afford to have them unavailable at any time of the day or night. It is not cost effective or reliable for your business to employ 24×7 monitoring and support your network operations internally. TTS monitors, manages, and supports your network no matter the size!

  • Local Is Better

    We are the only local service provider in the Lake Tahoe Basin. The closest competitive service providers are hours away. These out-of-area competitors have response times of 4+ hours if you experience a network outage or service failure. TTS is local and we’re on call for 24×7 network support. We monitor every piece of network equipment on your property and are notified of any connection or hardware issues within minutes (often before clients are even aware of them!) and we can provide the quickest response, as stated in our contract. Our commitment to excellence is just one of many reasons so many businesses in the area rely on us for uninterrupted service and top-notch support.

  • Understanding Costs

    We begin by evaluating all of your property-wide operations to determine the infrastructure and equipment required to fulfill your requirements. We can then provide an estimated equipment and install cost, internet bandwidth requirements, and an estimated cost of that internet service. Finally, we will determine the monthly cost for all managed services, including equipment and bandwidth. If you prefer to own the equipment we can structure our services to your needs. We are confident our pricing is lower than larger companies in Reno, Sacramento or the Bay Area.

  • Additional Services Available

    • We are licensed/insured/bonded to install all of the network wiring and will work with your contractor to coordinate network cabling requirements. Rack and port termination services are available as well.
    • We design, install, and maintain cutting edge IP network based and remotely controlled video surveillance systems supporting any number of cameras you require.
    • We can provide free and/or paid guest internet access systems. Revenue from paid access systems can help offset operating costs. Tiered service levels are also available.